Kenyan Medical Relief Fund

Ripplewear is committed to bettering the world we all share, and in that spirit we have decided to support the Kenyan Partners for World Health initiative.  This wonderful organization collects medical supplies and equipment that are destined for the landfill. They refurbish medical equipment and donate them to hospitals and clinics within the developing world. 




Ripplewear will donate $25 for every bug screen sold to PWH to help them continue their efforts in Kenya, an area that has a dire need for medical supplies.




These medical supplies (among other critical things) are vital to the health and stability of many, many regions throughout the world, and Kenya in particular.  Disease is rampant, and healthcare workers there are lacking in supplies and equipment.



Mankind's greatest gift is the generosity of it's fellow man, and it's time to make a stand and help.  Ripplewear is committed to this cause and we certainly appreciate your support through your mosquito screen purchase! 


For more information on PWE, please visit their GoFundMe page here.
May 6th UPDATE:  The Kenyan Partners for World Health initiative reached its initial goal of $30,000!  This is due in no small part to the generosity of our amazing followers!!  Ripplewear is committed to this cause, however, and will continue to donate $25 from every screen purchase to further PWH's efforts.  To those that purchased a screen, or simply went to the GoFundMe page to donate themselves, thank you so much for your contributions and may God bless every one of you in these difficult times.