The First Born

We purchased our Sprinter in 2011. In our 40 years of marriage this was our third brand new vehicle. After a quick and somewhat crude conversion, we took to the road, heading west. 

We stopped in Illinois to visit our daughter. After sleeping in the van on the streets of Chicago, we decided right then we needed better privacy curtains! The first privacy curtain was a collaborative project with my husband. After some trial and error, we came up with the idea of using magnets. At Home Depot, we found the magnets we needed. We also scored a black and white drapery curtain on the clearance rack. That first set of curtains looked pretty sloppy by today's standards. But I thought they were beautiful and they worked fantastic! I thought to myself, " I wonder if anyone would buy these?" I made another set and listed them on Ebay as an auction. They had a bid right away! I sold them to Beverly in Florida for $20. Perhaps I could earn enough selling curtains to pay for music lessons or swim classes for my grandchildren. You know, the extra things there never seems to be enough money for?

Our Sprinter is a cargo van with windows only in the cab. I thought all Sprinters were the same until one day my husband said to me, " You know, they do make Sprinters with windows all the way around." Really?? Now I really took off! I acquired patterns for all the various windows and began selling them all over the world. Ripplewear curtains can be found in Australia, Japan, UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, you name it! I even shipped curtains to countries I had never heard of. Eastonia? There was no stopping Ripplewear now!



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  • carol on

    I’m very interested in seeing curtains for cargo van. Ive made some but not pleased with them.

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