Ripplewear is making moves!

Well, it was long overdue, but Ripplewear has finally moved into a larger shop.  More space for cutting, more space for sewing.  Creating.  Dreaming.  We were practically tripping over each other in our last location!  This shop is only a mile away yet it's light years ahead in terms of storage and "ease of use" (a technical term which means we aren't elbowing each other all day). 


We added a new industrial machine which should cut down the sewing time dramatically.  We also ordered a new binding machine which, when it eventually shows up amidst this pandemic, will accomplish the same thing.  The widows are hard at work designing all the promised window covers and screens, and we couldn't be more excited for the upcoming year.  Thank you everyone for the amazing response to Ripplewear's product line, and let's all enjoy the Vanlife in 2021!

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