Meet Debbie

I am Debbie. The younger sister to Sue Emilio, the owner of Ripplewear. I call her Susie. I have been working for her for almost 2 years. I was living in MT with my husband when he started to get sick. I had been telling each of my siblings a little, but none the whole story. They got together and called me, asking me if I would come home to NH. Nick and I had a year of constant doctor appointments and testing. The best doctors in the country could not figure out what was wrong with him until he started to die. No one will ever convince me that he did not die from all the chemicals he was exposed to while serving as special operations in Vietnam. He passed in July of 2018.

 In the fall of 2018, Susie asked me if I could help her with some tasks as she was getting busier with her business. Those early days are a blur. Sometimes I would walk in and burst into tears. She would give me a hug and say, " You don't have to work today if you don't want to." I always stayed, but in my stupor, I was not capable of doing much. I asked her not to pay me, but she insisted. Gradually, I learned more things and was actually productive. I have great benefits. I can bring my malamute, Molly, who has become our mascot. I can make my own hours and she makes me a nice lunch.

She lives 40 minutes from me and at the end of the year, I asked if there were things I might do at home. I set up a work space in my wood room, a cutting table ( two 3x6' Walmart fold-up tables) in my laundry room and a sewing machine in the kitchen.

Over the past 2 years I have learned to do almost every part of the process. I also helped make the packaging look a little more professional. Susie was using Hefty bags and writing on the outside what was in it. We now have a labeling system and a beautiful bagging unit.

This company is founded on Christian principles. As additional help is needed, she is prompted to ask certain individuals. We all love her so much, we want to do our best with each piece we touch.

Ripplewear has three primary principles: quality work, satisfied customers and flexibility for each employee. There are always new products being brewed in her mind and I am always wow'ed when she shows me her next idea. This is truly a cottage business being run from the basement of her home. There is no where to walk without tripping on something! But bigger plans are on the way!

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